Journal of Biotech Research

ISSN: 1944-3285

Manuscript Submission

Journal of Biotech Research (JBR) currently accepts e-mail submission only. Authors should send all required files to the Editorial office at Please follow the procedures below to ensure a successful manuscript submission.

I. Before submission

Please gather the following information for all authors:

    First name and last name
    Institution name and postal address
    E-mail address (corresponding author only)
    Telephone number (corresponding author only)

II. Submission (Pleae submit the following files to

Please submit the following four (4) files as independent attachments:

1. Cover letter

All submissions should be accompanied by a cover letter to brief overview of submitted articles. It must include the statements indicating that (1) the article has not been published in another publication and is not being submitted simultaneously to another journal, and (2) all authors have no conflict interests in this work and agree the submission.

2. Manuscript file

Manuscript file should contain text only. Please do not include any table and figure in this file.

3. Tables, figures, and images file

Please including the table title and figure legend in this file.

4. Suggested reviewers
It is mandatory for authors to submit at least three (3) suggested reviewers with the names, institutions, and e-mails during the submission. Please do not include your colleague(s) as the suggested reviewer(s).

III. After submission
An e-mail acknowledgment of receiving your submission will be sent to contacting author within 3-5 working days.