Journal of Biotech Research

ISSN: 1944-3285

Volume 12


Review article      pp. 1-9

Intestinal morphomechanical remodeling caused by partial obstruction

Yue Liu*, Xingyu Liu

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Research article      pp. 10-18

Influence of body size, temperature, and diet concentration on feeding of Styela clava

Xiaoling Zhang, Hengxu Liu, Xinjia Li, Xuewen Miao, Liming Liu*, Aili Jiang*

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Short communication      pp. 19-22

A simple agarose gel-based method to detect homology in DNA molecules using denaturation/renaturation approach

Mahipal Singh*, Bandana Sharma, Dharam Singh, Chandan Sharma

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Research article      pp. 23-32

Effect of pentoxifylline on expression of proinflammatory cytokines

Hevidar Taha*

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Research article      pp. 33-41

Low expression of the DNA repair proteins, Ku70, Ku80, and TDP1, is associated with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Aya F. Ahmed*, Ali H. Abu Almaaty, Amr A. Elkaref, Mohamed K. Hassan

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Research article      pp. 42-51

Shoot organogenesis and pluripotency profile in daylily whole flower bud

Kanyand Matand*, Zoe McGowan, Chenxin Li

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Research article      pp. 52-64

Investigating the intracellular growth, cytotoxicity, and apoptotic effects of solar irradiated Campylobacter jejuni in a murine macrophage cell line (RAW 264.7)

Patience Chihomvu*, Cornelius Cano Ssemakalu, Eunice Ubomba-Jaswa, Michael Pillay

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