Journal of Biotech Research

ISSN: 1944-3285

Volume 13


Research article      pp. 1-9

Effect of anthocyanin consumption on ulcerative colitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Yan Ma*, Keyi Xiao, Dongman Min, Jingyu Yang, Xia Peng, Zhe Li

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Research article      pp. 10-17

Identification and histopathological analysis of Streptococcus pluranimalium caused pneumonia in sheep

Beibei Yan, Yanan Guo*, Jiandong Wang, Xin Li, Jidong Li*, Shenghu He*

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Research article      pp. 18-25

COI-based molecular phylogeny of some Buthidae scorpions from Egypt

Ali H. Abu Almaaty, Shorouk Aldeyarbi*, Mohamed Kamel Hassan*

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