Journal of Biotech Research

ISSN: 1944-3285

Volume 11


Research article      pp. 1-12

Characteristics of peptones from grouper (Epinephelus fuscoguttatus) and parrotfish (Scarus javanicus) head by-products as bacterial culture media

Abdul A. Jaziri*, Dwi Setijawati, Hefti S. Yufidasari, Mohammad D. Pratomo, Dian W. Wardani, Dinda Ersyah, Nurul Huda

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Research article      pp. 13-22

Bacteriocin production by Staphylococcus epidermidis the normal flora of outer ear: a potential probiotic against outer ear infections

Khalid Jaber Kadhum Luti*

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Review article      pp. 23-34

Benzyl adenine in plant tissue culture- succinct analysis of the overall influence in soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merrill.] seed and shoot culture establishment

Phetole Mangena*

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Research article      pp. 35-46

Genome-wide characterization of WD40 protein family in Monilinia fructigena; insights in the evolutionary selective pressures acting on the WD40 repeats

Antonios Zambounis*, Aliki Xanthopoulou

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Research article      pp: 47-53

Synthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles and evaluated its activity against bacterial isolates

Salim Albukhaty*, Hassan Al-Karagoly*, Maytham A. Dragh

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Research article      pp: 54-65

Optimization of culture conditions of Sporosarcina pasteurii using the response surface method

Jiafu Huang*, Zhichao Lin, Qici Wu, Ziyu Ye, Laifeng Huang

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