Journal of Biotech Research

ISSN: 1944-3285

Volume 13


Research article      pp. 1-9

Effect of anthocyanin consumption on ulcerative colitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Yan Ma*, Keyi Xiao, Dongman Min, Jingyu Yang, Xia Peng, Zhe Li

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Research article      pp. 10-17

Identification and histopathological analysis of Streptococcus pluranimalium caused pneumonia in sheep

Beibei Yan, Yanan Guo*, Jiandong Wang, Xin Li, Jidong Li*, Shenghu He*

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Research article      pp. 18-25

COI-based molecular phylogeny of some Buthidae scorpions from Egypt

Ali H. Abu Almaaty, Shorouk Aldeyarbi*, Mohamed Kamel Hassan*

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Research article      pp. 26-39

Rapid improvement in thermostability of GH11 xylanase (XynASP) from Aspergillus saccharolyticus JOP 1030-1 by tryptophan residue substitution

Tongbiao Li, Xiaoli Zhu, Mingyang Ye, Mingcheng Wang, Jinjin Zhu, Fujia Shen, Enzhong Li*

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Short communication      pp. 40-45

Whole genome sequencing reveals insights into antibiotic resistant Klebsiella grimontii novel sequence type ST350 isolated from a wastewater source in South Africa

Joshua Mbanga*, Daniel G. Amoako*, Akebe L. K. Abia, Dorcas Fatoba, Sabiha Essack

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Research article      pp. 46-54

Osteogenic differentiation and biocompatibility of rabbit bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells promoted by hydroxyapatite-chitosan composites

Linlin Yang, Yuting He, Jiaxin Huang, Wenxin Li, Wenjing Xie, Jiafu Huang*

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Review article      pp. 55-63

Medicinal usage of some Arecaceae family members with potential anticancer effect

Ali H. Abu Almaaty, Sarah Keshk, Amira Galal*, Osama A. Abbas, Mohamed K. Hassan*

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Review article      pp. 64-77

Impact of various factors on the stability of biodiesel – a review

Kurapati Rajagopal, Y. S. Reddy, Chittepu Obula Reddy*

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Review article      pp. 78-89

Akkermansia muciniphila: a probiotic with great potential

Xiaoheng Wu, Ruirui Guo, Shanshan Deng, Xu Jia, Yuhong Lyu, Changwu Yue*

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Research article      pp. 90-102

Allicin induces post-translational modifications of p53, DNA damage, and oxidative stress in human embryonic kidney cells

Nicole M. Narain, Daniel G. Amoako*, Anou M. Somboro, Isaiah Arhin, Ndumiso N. Mhlongo, Hezekiel M. Kumalo, Rene B. Khan*

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Research article      pp. 103-110

Analysis of the effect of temperature on coal consumption of coal gasification to methanol

Chunping Qian*, Xuegang Guo

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Research article      pp. 111-115

Strategies to prevent tumor pathological conditions in the context of mega data

Wei Wang*

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Research article      pp. 116-129

Effect of maternal desvenlafaxine administration on the liver of albino rat fetuses

Sarah H. Ahmed, Abd El Wahab El Ghareeb*, Ali H. Abu Almaaty, Heba Ali Abd El-Rahman

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Research article      pp.130-141

Improving the thermostability of GH11 xylanase XynXM from Aspergillus brunneoviolaceus CBS 621.78 by the design of cord region

Tongbiao Li, Jiaze Tang, Siqi Li, Hui Peng, YanYan Zhu, Jinjin Zhu, Yue Li, Chaoying Liu, Enzhong Li*

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