Journal of Biotech Research

ISSN: 1944-3285

Volume 10

Research article      pp. 1-9

Expression and interaction of 14-3-3 with plasma membrane H+-ATPase in Cryptococcus humicola and application of 14-3-3 in aluminum tolerance

Mengyao Dai, Lei Kong, Jinkui Qiu, Lei Zhang, Yong Tan, Hongjuan Nian*

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Research article      pp. 10-18

Morphogenetic pathways of floral and brood buds of Begonia sutherlandii Hook. F. induced in tissue culture

Alexandra Nabieva*, Tatyana Fershalova, Evgeniya Karpova, Natalya Tsybulya, Tatyana Poluboyarova

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Research article      pp. 19-28

Semi-continuous cultivation of microalgal consortium using low CO2 concentration for large-scale biofuel production

Sunisa Boonma, Takayuki Takarada, Yuwadee Peerapornpisal, Chayakorn Pumas, Suparin Chaiklangmuang*

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Research article      pp. 29-37

Two-stage anaerobic digestion of fruit and vegetable wastes

Montes García María Monserrat, Vigueras Carmona Sergio Esteban*, Pérez Vargas Josefina, Zafra Jiménez Gabriela, Velasco Pérez Alejandra, Chang Solís Carmen Kikey

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Research article      pp. 38-49

A study of spatial distribution characteristics and chemical control on Soritia leptalina in southeast Tibet

Xiaoqin Tang*, Jie Lu, Jiangrong Li, Tan Gao, Zhaoqing Li

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Research article      pp. 50-58

Optimization of transient expression of GUS after DNA delivery into wheat calli and leaves

Yi Luo, Fangyan Wang, Xiaoqian Mu, Zhensheng Kang, Huayu Gao, Xiaojing Wang*

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Research article      pp. 59-67

Insights and structural comparison of portal proteins in bacteriophages

Morgan Sperratore, Brittany Grenyer, Melinda Harrison*

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