Volume 17

Research article      pp. 1-10
Interventional effect analysis of 24-hour dynamic electrocardiogram on coronary heart disease arrhythmias and ischemic myocardium
Xiaojing Qiu*, Peize Liu, Songzeng Ren

Research article      pp. 11-22
Environmentally friendly agricultural technology based on discrete selection experiment
Guoping Zhao, Wenming Jiang, Caiyin Ren, Lan Zhen*

Research article      pp. 23-32
Improvement of small oyster mushroom and golden mushroom based on protoplast fusion breeding method
Shengdong Li, Zanariah Binti Hashim*

Research article      pp. 33-42
Mechanism of Danshensu on multidrug resistance in MCF-7/DOX cells
Yuxia Zhang, Qiong Liang, Dingguo Li, Yuanzhu Li, Mingzhu Pan, Yanan Zou*

Research article      pp. 43-56
Fatigue muscle strength estimation model for athletes based on electromyographic signals
Zhiyong Wang*

Research article      pp. 57-68
Design of a smart wearable health monitoring device for the elderly based on time series prediction of multiple physiological parameters
Yanqun Wen*, Ningxuan Hong

Research article      pp. 69-81
The Perilla stem aqueous extract regulation sebum synthesis in acne through the PI3K/AKT/FoxO pathway: A network pharmacology and molecular docking analysis
Mingxin Cui, Shulan Qi, Zijia Zhao, Yingxue Guo, Jiwen Cui*

Review article      pp. 82-91
Progresses in biological-targeted drug therapy for systemic lupus erythematosus
Qun Chen, Jie Wang, Shiyun Sun*

Research artilce      pp. 92-104
Identification strategy of major genes for milk production traits in genetic selection of dairy cows
Xiayu Peng, Yong Wei*, Aling Zou, Shasha Zhang, Tianyu Wei

Research article      pp. 105-111
Exploring the impact of Escherichia coli outer membrane proteins on immune response and inflammation in rabbits
Duaa Hassan, Inas Abbass Kheiruralla, Maysoon Kooshi Jasim, Ameer Mezher Hadi, Yasir Haider Al-Mawlah*

Research article      pp. 112-125
Data augmentation based on conditional generative adversarial networks for lesion classification in ultrasound images
Lina Cai, Zhenghua Zhang, Qingkai Li, Lun Zhang*

Research article      pp. 126-137
Application of transfer learning in geoenvironmental evaluation of abandoned mines
Wenchao Wang*

Research article      pp. 138-145
Deep learning-based algorithm for automatic identification and classification of surface damage of agricultural products
Weili Liu*

Research article      pp. 146-158
Differential diagnosis of low- and high-grade gliomas using radiomics and deep learning fusion signatures based on multiple magnetic resonance imaging sequences
Jian Pan*

Research article      pp. 159-165
Study of promotor -21 A/T polymorphism of catalase CAT (rs7943316) gene in patients with breast cancer
Salah Hashim Shaheed, Yasir Haider Al-Mawlah*, Sahar Dakhil Yonis, Asaad Abd Alhussain Al-Shouk

Research article      pp. 166-179
Automatic delineation of clinical target volumes and organs at risk in cervical cancer radiotherapy using ResAU-Net
Xueping Liu, Guiping Zhao*, Silu Ding, Shi Bai, Jiahui Zhang, Yukai Lu, Jingjing Du, Xingya Liu

Research article      pp. 180-186
The role of biofilm in Proteus mirabilis as antibiotic resistance biomarker in patients with urinary tract infections
Salim Shamkhi Jaafar, Manar Radhi Shannon Alyassiry, Russell Issam Al-Daher, Hasanain Khaleel Shareef, Yasir Haider Al-Mawlah*

Research article      pp.187-195
Mapping agroecosystems in BRICS nations: A comprehensive bibliometric and visualization analysis
Huichan Ren*, Suhaila Abdullah

Research article      pp. 196-208
Construction of a geological identification model for small faults in coal fields based on Bayes-XGBoost
Jieqi Liu*

Research article      pp. 209-216
Clinical analysis of ultrathin anterolateral thigh flap and superficial iliac circumflex artery perforator flap in repairing tissue defects of extremities
Sen Li, Xiuping Xu*

Research article      pp. 217-233
Analysis of agricultural economic resilience based on big data analysis and information network technology diffusion
Xiaoyun Wu*

Review article      pp. 234-247
Energy-saving, green, and environmentally friendly construction techniques in civil engineering construction in China
Xue Han*

Research article      pp. 248-259
Mechanism of β-sitosterol on phenotype switch of vascular smooth muscle cells induced by angiotensin II
Siqing He, Shumiao He, Yuankun Chen, Xiaobao Jin, Wenjie Mei, Qun Lu*

Research article      pp. 260-269
Extraction of phosvitin by aqueous two-phase system based on modified polyethylene glycol
Yuling Yang, Feng Li, Jing Cheng*

Research article      pp. 270-280
The inhibitory effect of baicalin on viral diarrhea and mucosal disease in livestock and cattle
Jun Wu*, Erxue Xu

Research article      pp. 281-288
Comparison of the anti-H1N1 influenza virus effects of two Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi extracts
Xiwen Zhang*

Research article      pp. 289-297
Changes of endogenous hormone content in flower bud differentiation period of different Sophora japonica cv. “Jinhuai” in northern Guangxi
Yishan Yang, Rong Zou, Zongyou Chen, Haolong Jiang, Xuerong Yang, Jianmin Tang*

Review article      pp. 298-304
Research progress in the treatment of high salt and high concentration organic industrial wastewater
Wei Jiang, Qinfang Lu*, Byung-gon Jeong, Yangfan Zhang, Bin Xie, Xin Xiao, Shirong Lai

Research article      pp. 305-314
Relationship between serum irisin and leptin levels and gonadal axis in obese subfertile men
Ghadeer Hamid AL- Ardhi*, Faris Naji Abood ALhady, Hala M. N. AL-Saily

Research article      pp. 315-323
Optimization of culture medium composition and fermentation conditions for chitin deacetylase production by Lysinibacillus boronitolerans JM-4
Xin Meng, Ju Zhang, Tongtong Liu, Yahui Song, Jianlin Hu, Aili Jiang*
[ch Re