Special Issue 1 (Environmental and Biomedical sciences)

Guest editor: Dr. Maulin P Shah
                        Applied & Environmental Microbiology Lab
                        Enviro Technology Limited
                        GIDC, Ankleshwar-393002

Review article      pp. 1-11
Recent progress in catalytic glycolysis of waste polyethylene terephthalate with ethylene glycol: Catalyst, mechanism, and kinetics
Jiawei Li*

Research article      pp. 12-22
DWPREPHI: a novel deep learning-based computational model to predict phage-host interaction via complex multi-dimensional biological information
Jiaye Li, Hongxiang Xiao*

Research article      pp. 23-35
The risk of large-scale sports events and its prevention: based on the perspective of urban ecological environment protection
Shuiping Lu, Qiaoyan Yu, Chenliang Deng*

Research article      pp. 36-45
Morphometric and biomechanical analysis of endemic fluoride-aluminum combined poisoning
Lihua Wang, Xiuhui Zhang, Maojuan Yu*

Research article      pp. 46-59
Evaluation of the effect of the main processes of leaf beating and retorting on the processing quality of tobacco homogenization
Xiaojian He, Chao Wang, Yingming Yang, Zhi Rao, Rong Zeng*

Research article      pp. 60-72
Analysis of medication pattern of famous Chinese medicine practitioners in treating hyperuricemia based on network pharmacology
Yajie Xu, Long Sun, Jin Zhou*

Research article      pp. 73-83
Research on sustainable utilization strategy of rainwater resources based on hydrodynamic models
Yanbo Jiang, Anchen Qin*, Dazhuang Huang*

Short report      pp. 84-89
The method of measuring carbon sinks based on the changes in oxygen concentration in forest canopy
Changshan Xing*, Jiang Lv, Yun Shi

Research article      pp. 90-103
Characteristics, source and risk assessment of heavy metals in size-separated particulate matter in Tianjin, China
Yusheng Fan*, Zhou Wen

Research article      pp. 104-115
A geomagnetic bio-inspired homing method based on diversity-first search strategy
Kun Liu*, Ying Lei, Wenna Fan

Research article      pp. 116-126
Visual analysis of literatures on Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment of hyperuricemia based on CiteSpace and VOSviewer
Yajie Xu, Long Sun, Jinlin Huo, Jin Zhou*