Volume 14

Short report      pp. 1-10
Experimental study on the effect of fly ash on the combustion characteristics of rice husk in a one-dimensional furnace
Jie Cui*, Honglei Zhao, Shuo Yang*, Zhitang Guo, Yudong Fu, Lin Xu, Honggang Pan, Youning Xu

Research article      pp. 11-18
Visual modeling of Phyllostachys pubescens based on measured parameter control
Yang Liu, Ying Wang*, Jun Guo, Biao Chen

Short report      pp. 19-26
Fabrication of graphite-phase carbon nitride modified by phycocyanin with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Shaokang Fang, Siqi Jiang, Aimei Chai, Xiulian Chang, Chunyu Zhang*

Research article      pp. 27-34
A retrospective study of the relationship between weight management and gestational diabetes mellitus concurrent with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and its clinical characteristics
Shuxian Cheng*

Research article      pp. 35-40
Examination and analyzing the levels of related micronutrients and anemia in pregnant women
Asma’a Hassan Mohamed, Yasir Haider Al-Mawlah*, Hadi Sajid Abdulabbas

Short report      pp. 41-48
Identification and histopathological analysis of cow acute mastitis caused by Escherichia coli and screening of sensitive drugs: a case study
Yufang Li, Yanan Guo*, Mingcheng Wang, Jiandong Wang

Research article      pp. 49-58
Correlation of extracellular polymeric substances and microbial communities in biofilms with phosphate
Yanhui Song, Jianlin Hu, Xia Zhang, Aili Jiang*

Researcch article      pp. 59-66
Comparative study of endogenous hormone dynamics during the first and second growth cycles in Sophora japonica cv. jinhuai harvested twice a year
Yishan Yang, Zongyou Chen, Rong Zou, Jianmin Tang*, Yunsheng Jiang

Research article      pp. 67-77
Effect of continuous application of bioorganic fertilizer on tobacco rhizosphere microecosystems
Changhe Cheng, Yonggang Zhang*, Huabing Liu, Zhiguang Ren, Jianguo Liu, Boka Xiang, Chen Xia, Xiaozong Wu*

Research article      pp. 78-84
Effects of probiotic fermented soymilk on the activities of mouse intestinal digestive enzymes
Ke Huang*, Bo Wang

Review article      pp. 85-94
The most commonly used cell surface markers for determining mesenchymal stromal cells in stromal vascular fraction and bone marrow autologous concentrate: a systematic review
Sergey Maslennikov*, Golovakha Maksym

Research article      pp. 95-105
The effects of agricultural land consolidation on carbon and ecosystem service value changes in Jiangxi Province, China
Zhichao Li, Yaoqiu Kuang*

Research article      pp. 106-114
The potential antimutagenic effect of Saudi moringa oleifera (Moringa peregrina) leaves extract on the bone marrow of male albino mice 
Najiah M. Alyamani*

Research article      pp. 115-123
A machine learning approach to identify N6-methyladenine sites in the rice genome
Linghua Kong, Zhongwang Zhang, Xueda Zhao*

Research article      pp. 124-134
Influences of land use change on ecosystem service value: a case study in Jiangxi province, China
Zhichao Li, Yaoqiu Kuang*

Research article      pp. 135-142
Isolation, identification, and antibiotic sensitivity screening of pathogens causing calf respiratory disease in a large-scale dairy farm in Ningxia, China
Yufang Li, Qinwei Xu, Gailing Wang, Mingcheng Wang, Yanan Guo*

Research article      pp. 143-152
Effects of different canopy layers on leaf photosynthetic characteristics of apple trees
Ke Huang*, Hongbing Fu

Research article      pp. 153-159
The genotypes of glutathione peroxidase 1 (GPx1) (Rs1050450) affect some biomarker levels in the breast cancer patients
Hadi Sajid Abdulabbas, Asma’a Hassan Mohamed, Mustafa Jawad Al-Imari, Yasir Haider Al-Mawlah*, Salah Hashim Shaheed

Research article      pp. 160-170
Optimization of ultrasound-assisted cloud point extraction of polyphenols from pomegranate peels
Feilong Sun*, Jingye Ning, Yajing Wang, Yu Shi, Jiamin Li, Hanyu Li, Wanna Li

Review article      pp. 171-184
Research progress on antitumor effects of active proteins, polysaccharides, and triterpenoids in Ganoderma lucidum
Huan Zhao*, Yating Shao, Chao Mao, Yichu Wang, Xing Ma

Research article      pp. 185-195
Image security of agricultural environment monitoring based on image encryption algorithm of secure compressed sensing
Jingyi Liu*

Research article      pp. 196-204
The interaction mechanism and functional properties of active protein and plant active molecule complexes in dairy products
Shengdong Li*

Review article      pp. 205-211
Research advances on tobacco hairy roots
Cong Zheng, Wei Li, Yuexing He, Ke Xie, Yanbiao Xu, Xiaozong Wu*

Research article      pp. 212-218
Epidemiological investigation of six diarrhea pathogens in the main beef cattle breeding areas in Ningxia, China
Yanan Guo, Lixia Lei, Jialin Sun, Beibei Yan, Xiaozhen Cao, Xiaojun Liang*

Research article      pp. 219-226
Soil and water conservation monitoring and landscape ecological restoration strategy based on big data and internet of things
Yubo An*

Review article      pp. 227-233
Integrated wastewater treatment and CO2 capture by microalgae-based system
Francesca Frongia, Maria Rita Cramarossa, Laura Arru*, Luca Forti*

Research article      pp. 234-246
Preparation and characterization of selenide starch
Jin Li*, Jie Gao, Peiling Duan

Research article      pp. 247-257
Design of fertilizer seeder for Houttuynia cordata
Qin Zou, Chuanmei Hu*, Aoting Zhang, Linlan Shao, Zhihong Li, Quanwen Rao

Research article      pp. 258-263
Effectiveness comparison of human airway anatomy teaching methods in emergency airway management application
Jiang Qiu*

Research article      pp. 264-278
Performance study of activated carbon reinforced internal circulation reactor for high-salt organic production wastewater treatment
Xin Xiao, Qinfang Lu*, Ming Tang, Xiaoyu Zhang, Byung-gon Jeong, Wei Jiang, Shirong Lai

Research article      pp. 279-291
Effects of free radicals induced by football exercise on the structure of biomembrane
Xiaofan Fan*

Research article      pp. 292-297
Effects of temperature and salinity on larvae adhesion of four ascidians
Jianlin Hu, Yanhui Song, Xia Zhang, Aili Jiang*
Research article      pp. 298-305
Experimental teaching design and practice of human factors engineering for biomedical engineering
Chenxu Zhang, Kangning Xie, Yuanzhe Li, Erping Luo, Chi Tang*, Mingming Zhai*