Volume 16

Research article      pp. 1-9
Prediction of the epidermal growth factor receptor gene mutations in lung adenocarcinoma based on CT imaging
Xianghua Wang*

Research article      pp. 10-15
Study on the influence of various vegetation structures on soil microbial community in mine reclamation area
Li Zhang*, Hui Xu, Yanjun Wang

Research article      pp. 16-21
The effect of acidification process on camel milk total casein coagulation and fractionation
Khafallah Imene*, Gacem Habiba, Hamdi Ghada, Hamaidia Ines

Research article      pp. 22-31
High performance of Dengue shock syndrome detection using extreme gradient boosting with ANOVA feature selection
Lailil Muflikhah*, Agustin Iskandar, Novanto Yudistira, Isbat Uzzin Nadlori, Bambang Nur Dewanto

Research article      pp. 32-42
The effect of quercetin on phosphorylated p38, Smad7, Smad2/3 nuclear translocation and collagen type I of keloid fibroblast culture
Arif Widiatmoko*, Loeki Enggar Fitri, Agustina Tri Endharti, Sinta Murlistyarini

Research article      pp. 43-52
Mechanism of peppermint oil within the therapy for irritable bowel syndrome based on network pharmacology and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Jiaxin Yu, He Liu, Jinghui Shen, Wu Zhang, Longjiang Sun, Shuxian Li*

Research article      pp. 53-63
Treatment technology of high water content wells in the super heavy oil reservoir of Pai 6 south block
Jingxuan Liu*

Research article      pp.64-76
Does the production of NF-ĸβ, IRF3, and IFN-β after LOS/LPS exposures in naive-HIV dendritic cells depend on TLR4-MD2 receptor pathway? In vitro and in silico study
Niniek Budiarti, Handono Kalim, Affa Kiysa Waafi, Dewi Sri Wulandari, Cesarius Singgih Wahono, Reizal Audi Manugan, Wiryawan Pradipto, Galih Dwi Jayanto, Dewi Santosaningsih, Nur Fitriana, Nuning Winaris, Aulia Rahmi Pawestri, Loeki Enggar Fitri*

Research article      pp. 77-90
Application of population intelligence optimization algorithms to environmental monitoring problems in maize fields
Zuoshan Li*

Research article      pp. 91-102
Flexible wearable biometric smart gloves based on friction nanogenerators
Xu Wang*

Research article      pp.103-116
Optimization of sugar removal of purple carrot pigment and fermentation process of purple carrot vinegar
Aimei Chai, Yuqian Wu, Xiaolu Li, Kanghua Zhan, Xiulian Chang, Chunyu Zhang*

Research article      pp. 117-128
The clinical effect of predictive care in alleviating negative emotions in cardiology patients
Xiaojing Qiu*, Qiuyan Niu, Songzeng Ren

Research article      pp. 129-140
Antimalarial potency and cytotoxicity studies of secondary metabolites from fractions 38K, 38T, and 56 Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. hygroscopicus in vitro
Loeki Enggar Fitri, Hikmawan Wahyu Sulistomo, Husnul Khotimah, Sri Winarsih, Fadilah Istiapalja*, Mutiara Nor Afifah, Mahya Nailul ‘Azizah

Research article      pp. 141-155
The influence of pH on the adsorption groups of Serratia marcescens for yttrium
Changli Liang*, Jinxi Wang, Wenjing Wang, Yuhan Yang, Jingying Li, Xinyu Li, Leitong Li, Zhi Xu, Junhe Liu

Research article      pp. 156-166
Application and practice of remote sensing technology in analysis of water environment change and ecological effect
Jiao Liu*, Zhenyan Yi, Yahui Fang, Caiyan Wu

Research article      pp. 167-174
Biochemical markers of liver function test (ALT, AST, ALP) in thyroid dysfunction (Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism)
Alaa Hussein Hasan, Mohammed Alaa Abdulzahra, Adil Mohammed Hashim, Yasir Haider Al-Mawlah*

Research article      pp. 175-183
Beverage containing ginger and snow pear inhibits smoke-induced pyroptosis in rat lungs and protects small intestine
Ye Wang, Chaoying Liu, Tongbiao Li, Dahong Li, Huili Xia, Mingcheng Wang, Fujia Chen, Siqiang Li, Yun Li, Enzhong Li*

Research article      pp. 184-194
Novel fibromonas and fibrous microbial flocculant preparation and practical application
Zhen Chen*, Menglei Wang, Wanxiang Ji

Research article      pp. 195-207
Spatial positioning and recognition method of tobacco leaf blossom tops based on binocular visual communication
Weihua Qin, Chaofei Yang, Xiangguo Cheng, Shengli Chen*, Lianhao Li, Chenhui Zhu

Research article      pp. 208-218
Application of sea buckthorn extract in cosmetics for its antioxidant and anti-aging effects
Xiaohui Wan*, Xin Shi, Shifang Wu, Jing Zhang

Research article      pp. 219-229
Effect of compound treatments of sodium carbonate and kinetin on seed germination of Zanthoxylum armatum DC.
Manyi Fu*, Daoyuan Zhou

Research article      pp. 230-235
Analysis of micronutrients in Black cohosh (Actaea racemosa L.) grown in North Carolina as a potential herbal supplement
Julia Robinson, Guochen Yang*

Research article      pp. 236-246
Comparison of differences between three-dimensional ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging salpingography in false positive cases of proximal fallopian tube obstruction
Fengyun Wang*, Tao Zhang

Research article      pp. 247-257
Quality grading and classification of tobacco leaves based on deep learning
Xudong Li*, Xin Jin, Fei Guo, Hua Hu, Wu Hu

Research article      pp. 258-263
Experimental study on ornamental plants in gardens by introduction and cultivation technique
Wanting He, Hai Huang*

Research article      pp. 264-274
Nanofiltration membrane wastewater treatment technology for pharmaceutical enterprise wastewater
Lijun Bai*

Research article      pp. 275-287
Tobacco top flowering period recognition and detection model based on improved YOLOv4 and Mask R-CNN network
Weihua Qin, Longfei Wang, Xiangguo Cheng, Chaofei Yang, Shengli Chen*, Lianhao Li, Chenhui Zhu

Research article      pp. 288-298
Optimization of corn screening device based on high-precision aerodynamic model
Lijuan Cheng*, Qianglong He, Jiangru Pan, Jianmin Liu

Review article      pp. 299-311
Prospects and challenges of novel agricultural robots in vertical farming: A review
Jiazheng Shen*, Saihong Tang*, Mohd Khairol Anuar Mohd Ariffin, A. As' Arry, Ruixin Zhao

Research article      pp. 312-321
Effect of different extraction methods and refining steps on fatty acid distributions of triacylglycerol and physicochemical property of sesame oil
Yaxin Yang*, Fei Shen, Xuede Wang

Research article      pp. 322-333
Improvement of intestinal flora in a mouse model of diabetes mellitus by biotechnology: The case of Lactobacillus fermented chickpea milk
Shuming Chen*

Research article      pp. 334-344
Effects of resveratrol on hydrogen peroxide-pyroptosis, apoptosis, and autophagy
Chaoying Liu, Ye Wang, Dahong Li, Tongbiao Li, Mingcheng Wang, Zhiwen Zhou, Qianyi Jin, Enzhong Li*

Research article      pp. 345-356
DeepECD: A model for predicting plant extrachromosomal circular DNA from sequences
Jiming Hu, Zhongzhen Tang, Yongzhen Wang, Jun Yan, Xiaoyong Sun*

Research article      pp. 357-370
Design of improved ZigBee routing algorithm for the application of farmland information data acquisition and analysis
Ping Liu*, Hui Zhu

Research article      pp. 371-383
Effects of soil properties and urbanization on the trait variations of riparian species: Evidence from central Japan
Ling Zhang, Yosihiro Natuhara, Jun Zhao, Yang Cao*

Research article      pp. 384-391
Effect of training load on the cardiac function of dancers based on blood lactic acid content
Xiangwei Zhao, Ping Liu, Zhengjian Gao*

Review article      pp. 392-402
From flow to network: A perspective for analyzing the complexity of forest ecosystem services
Zhefu Chen, Yang Liu*, Duanlv Chen