Volume 2

Research article      pp. 1-11
An  efficient  enrichment  technique  for  isolation  and  quantification  of indigenous diesel fuel-utilizing bacteria present in freshwater sediments
Joshua W. Stickney, Alexey G. Nikitin, Gennadi A. Nikitin, Roderick M. Morgan*
Research article      pp. 12-20
Silencing of multiple genes in wheat using barley stripe mosaic virus
Jackie Campbell, Li Huang*

Research article      pp. 21-33
Production and characterization of a highly specific and potent antibody capable of detecting endogenous RhebL1 protein in mammalian tissues and cell lines
Nitika Parmar*, Ashley Bonneau
Research article      pp. 34-43
Chemometric algorithms for the direct determination of lipids in synthetic mixtures and human serum
Gerard G. Dumancas*, Mary Muriuki, Neil Purdie, Lisa Reilly
Research article      pp. 44-55
Genetic diversity of 28 wild species of fodder legume cassia using RAPD, ISSR and SSR markers: a novel breeding strategy
Suprava Mohanty, A. B. Das*, Nabarun Ghosh*, B. B. Panda, Don W. Smith
Research article      pp. 56-66
Optimization of surface plasmon resonance based assay for investigating T-antigen helicase activity
Jason R. Plyler, Fatemeh Sanjar, Rhonda Howard, Naoko Araki, Wendi M. David*
Research article      pp. 67-78
Development of a low-cost medium for producing gellan from Sphingomonas paucimobius
Andrea Vanderhoff, William R. Gibbons*, Nichole Bauer, Thomas P. West
Research article      pp. 79-100
Flow cytometry application in marine phytoplankton study: a case study investigating effects of formalin preservation on phytoplankton count and cell integrity
Gulnihal Ozbay*, Monica Jackson
Research article      pp. 101-111
Genetic diversity among Sorghum bicolor L. Moench genotypes as revealed by prolamines and SSR markers
Ramya Vittal, Nabarun Ghosh*, Yiqun Weng, B. A. Stewart
Review article      pp. 112-120
Selenium: from health to the biological food chain
Elizabeth Williams, Melinda Harrison*
Research article      pp. 121-130
Partial least squares (PLS1) algorithm for quantitating cholesterol and polyunsaturated fatty acids in human serum
Gerard G. Dumancas*, Mary Kimani, Neil Purdie, Lisa Reilly
Research article      pp. 131-143
Reducing the cost of scleroglucan production by use of a condensed corn solubles medium
Arlene Fosmer, William R. Gibbons*, Nicole J. Heisel
Research article      pp. 144-155
A real-time polymerase chain reaction protocol for quantifying growth of Fusarium graminearum during solid substrate cultivation on corn stover
Bandana Sharma, Sue Nokes, Michael Montross, Lisa Vaillancourt*