Volume 4

Research article      pp. 1-12
Electrofusion of cells of Acetogen Clostridium sp. MT 351 with erm(B) or cat in the chromosome
Michael Tyurin*, Michael Kiriukhin, Vel Berzin

Research article      pp. 13-25
Genome-wide screening of genes required for Listeria monocytogenes biofilm formation
Yong Ouyang, Jing Li, Yuqing Dong, Lauren V. Blakely, Min Cao*

Review article      pp. 26-43
Preeclampsia: systemic endothelial damage leading to increased activation of the blood coagulation cascade
Ambreen A. Alladin, Melinda Harrison*

Research article      pp. 44-53
Effect of DNA contaminants on calcium phosphate-based DNA delivery and gene expression
Mohamed A. El-Mogy*, Yousef Haj-Ahmad

Research article      pp. 54-64
Acetogen biocatalyst Clostridium sp. MTEtOH871 engineered with our proprietary electrotransformation technology and equipment: continuous synthesis gas fermentation for selective ethanol production
Vel Berzin, Michael Tyurin*

Research article      pp. 65-71
Novel technique for analyzing RNA from the actively growing culture of Escherichia coli using Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer
Nabarun Ghosh*, Mandy Whiteside, Rex Lee, Dalila Paredes, A. B. Das, Ravi G. Dani

Research article      pp. 72-79
Possible effects of the presence of common household chemicals in the environment: the growth of an aquatic bacterial species on high concentrations of caffeine
Adrienne M. Gibson*, Roderick M. Morgan, Nick MacDonald, Alexey G. Nikitin

Research article      pp. 80-91
Novel Arabidopsis jasmonate-responsive mutants have variations in bacterial disease resistance
Shuxin Ren*, Sarah Weeda, Keyan Zhu-Salzman*, Timothy Ferrell

Review article      pp. 92-99
Using transgenic plants as bioreactors to produce edible vaccines
Karyn Scissum Gunn*, Narendra Singh, Joseph Giambrone, Hongzhuan Wu