Volume 5

Research article      pp. 1-9
Copper I transfer between Enterococcus hirae CopA, CopZ and CopY in vitro
Melinda Harrison Krick*, Charles T. Dameron

Research article      pp. 10-15
Detection of intestinal pathogenic Klebsiella pneumoniae from fecal samples of Giant Panda by polymerase chain reaction
Feilong Sun*, Shuiyun Yang, Xi Chen

Review article      pp. 16-23
Awareness of and attitudes towards biotechnology by Tennessee State University students with different backgrounds and majors
Fisseha Tegegne*, Ahmad N. Aziz, Hiren Bhavsar, Roger Wiemers

Research article      pp. 24-34
More improved peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) protocol for direct shoot organogenesis in mature dry-cotyledonary and root tissues
Kanyand Matand*, Ning Wu, Huijuan Wu, Eboni Tucker, Kyla Love

Research article      pp. 35-39
Glucose driven catalytic nanomotor to create motion at micro scale
Arun Kumar*, Hideyo Takatsuki, Chang K. Choi, Ayusman Sen, Eric Blough