Volume 7

Research article      pp. 1-10
Computational characterization and structure prediction of chitinase gene of beauveria bassiana using proteomic tools
Shivani Sood, Sardul S. Sandhu, Anil K. Kumar, Arpit Gupta, Tapan K. Mukherjee*

Research article      pp. 11-19
Effect of particle size on mesophilic anaerobic digestion of thermally pre-treated waste activated sludge
Vigueras-Carmona S. E.*, Martínez Trujillo M. A., García Rivero M., Membrillo Venegas I., Zafra Jiménez G.

Research article      pp. 20-29
Comparative structural and functional features of folate salvage transporters in Plasmodium falciparum and humans
Mofolusho O. Falade*, Benson Otarigho

Review article      pp. 30-41
Structural analysis of yype III collagen using two dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance
Tamara Todorovic Meister, Melinda Harrison*

Review article      pp. 42-48
Study on the safety of genetically modified food biotechnology based on the legal system of food safety
Songfei Chen*, Shengwen Chen, Liang Liang

Research article      pp. 49-56
Early life stage development of Gloiopeltis furcata (Gigartinales, Endocladiaceae) from northern China
Yongzheng Tang*, Hongliang Liu, Yongqiang Yu, Xuemeng Li

Research article      pp. 57-62
The role of EmSOX2 in maintaining multipotency of pluripotent stem cells based on the technology of induced pluripotent stem cells
Mingcheng Wang, Hui Zhang*, Gailing Wang, Enzhong Li